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                Shantou Wanhui Industrial Co., Ltd.

                Wanhui industry was founded in July 1996, headquartered in Shantou, Guangdong. Rooted in the industry for more than 20 years, Wanhui has developed into a large comprehensive enterprise, specializing in the production of full range of high-quality cosmetic packaging materials, which has an advanced, standard, thorough modern management system and full capability of plastic model development, injection molding, metal plastic spraying, UV vacuum coating bronzing and screen printing.Wanhui industry has prominent advantages in hardware, innovation, R&D and sales services. The company has a modern industrial park which covers 25000 O and has introduced several automatic production lines from abroad. Focusing on independent research and development, Wanhui has built a professional R&D team that compose of more than 100 technical experts. With its set R&D, design, production and maintenance in one service, Wanhui has become a reputed manufacturer in the make-up packaging materials industry.
                At present, our customers cover many provinces and cities in China, our excellent product quality has won high recognition from the market and customers, and Wanhui is the chief supplier and strategic partner of many first-line cosmetics brands at home and abroad.In the future, wanhui will launch the international market strategy on the basis of expanding the domestic market share of its products.


                Address:Chao Dong Industrial Zone, Changhong Road, Xiashan Street, Chaonan, Shan Tou, Guangdong Province
                TEL:0754-87813831/87811283 E-Mail:server@866296.com

                Recommended Collection

              2. Lipstick Tube Series(WH-WK020)
              3. Pressed Compact Series(WH-F175)
              4. Eye Shadow Compact Series(WH-Y618)
              5. Eye Shadow Compact Series(WH-Y620)
              6. Eye Shadow Compact Series(WH-Y609)
              7. Lipstick Tube Series(WH-WK036)
              8. Mini Lipstick Tube Series(WH-WK031)
              9. Lipstick Tube Series(WH-WK032)
              10. CONTACT US

                Address:Chao Dong Industrial Zone, Changhong Road, Xiashan Street, Chaonan, Shan Tou, Guangdong Province
                TEL:0754-87813831/87811283 FAX:0754-87813833

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